Apple iPod Nano: A Complete Geek Watch

Since the introduction of the Apple iPod in 2001, many accessories have been made, mostly being developed by third party companies. Many manufacturers added extra features such as radio tuners, remote controls, audio/video connectivity. Popular accessories included external speakers, screen films, protective cases, and wireless earphones. When it came to wearing the iPod such as during a workout or activity there were integrated cases with clips, which helped protect the iPod as well as secure it to the persons via an article of clothing. There were also armbands that allowed the wearer to strap the iPod to the arm giving easy access and convenience.

Every iPod generation since its first release has gotten smaller in size. In fact Apple ended up creating two major types, the iPad Classic and iPod Touch which is hard drive based and the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle which used flash memory to enable their small size. With the smaller flash memory based iPods, the ability to attach them almost anywhere was of great convenience.

In September of 2010, Apple released the sixth generation iPod Nano. This was the first Nano to include multi-touch screen and had a square like appearance. Although video playback and the camera were removed, the functionality of a full color, touch-screen, and applications on the device opened up the doors for more innovative strap

Watchmakers have been trying for years to design a full color watch with touch-screen capabilities, but have always been restricted by the battery size. Once Apple came out with the latest 6th generation iPod Nano, that changed. Designers and manufacturers such as Scott Wilson, a former creative director at Nike who designed the companies’ watches, have begun to integrate the Nano into a wristwatch. With the small size and multi-touch screen, the idea makes perfect sense. The design is simple. Create a strap and housing to hold the Nano firmly into place and the user has the ability to wear the device and still use it for its functionality. It serves as a great mounting solution as well as stylish apparel.

Today there are several companies such as Frontal Concepts, Minimal Studios, Griffin and Incipio who have jumped onto the iPod Nano watch game. Putting a multi-touch display on your wrist opens up an entire world of limitless wearable possibilities and it has just begun.