Mobile App Design – The Complete UX Guide For 2021

In most cases, the difference between a good app and a bad app is the User Experience (UX). In current times, people expect a lot from a mobile app, including ease of use, fast loading time, and delightful interaction. The UX should be an essential part of your product strategy if you want your app to be successful.What is included in the Mobile App UX Design?

The mobile app UX incorporates the subjective experience a user has while using the app. UX designing is the process of creating a mobile app that is easy and enjoyable to interact with. This in turn provides users with a relevant and meaningful experience.

User Interface is a part of User Experience but User Experience isn’t limited to User Interface.

Many times, people mix up UX with User Interface (UI). The UX designing is beyond just designing the mobile app UI. While designing the UX, the developers take care of aspects like content, sound design and user interaction. Creating a great user interface is only one part of creating a great user journey experience on an application.Why is it important to Design a perfect UX?

As explained before, User Experience is much more than just the User Interface. It extends the designing to providing a better experience servis mobilnih telefona novi sad to the users before, during, and after they use the app.Things to be paid attention while Designing Mobile UX

There are areas where mobile app UX designing differs from traditional desktop UX. Hence, some principles will change for mobile users:1. Screen Size

Mobile apps are the more personalised and convenient way of accessing information that was previously only available in websites a decade ago. While creating a mobile app, if you take the approach of only shrinking the website to a common size of 5 – 6-inch mobile device, the design will possibly look inferior and navigation on the application will confuse the user.

In contrast to the websites and desktop applications where you get a bigger screen size to present the information, the information in the mobile app screens should be well-thought-out as the size and layout available is much less. Therefore you should pay attention to identifying the information that is most important and relevant for the users, and prioritise this information because on mobile,you only have one column to place all the content.2. Screen Orientation

Mobile devices allow the user to change the screen orientation. Reports have found that almost 94% of the time users prefer using the screen vertically and the rest of the time, horizontally. 

49% of the users like using their smartphones with just one thumb. The more the screen size, the lesser area one can reach comfortably with one thumb. 36% of the users use the phone resting on one palm and navigate with another thumb. Whereas 15% of the users use the phone with both their thumbs.

While designing your app for mobile devices, you have to be careful that your user experience is great with both of these orientation aspects. This will enable users to use the entire mobile screen and it will provide them with a comfortable user experience.

The steps to achieve this is to first craft your mobile app in a manner that it is usable in both the orientations. Second, you should arrange the clickable icons and features of your app in the places where the user reachability is easy and comfortable.3. Navigation and Input

Mobile users have only a standard touch screen option to interact with the mobile app. They don’t have a keyboard attached to their mobile phone (in most cases). Therefore you should offer them with different types of input methods on mobile as compared to desktop users. For example on mobile, there should be a numeric keypad popping up when the user is supposed to type in numbers and Qwerty at the time where they type letters.

Another navigation thing you should focus on is the size and gap between the action icons. If there are too many action icons close to each other, the users are more likely to misstep. You should make sure that the action icons/buttons are big enough to tap and have a safe distance from each other.