Protect Your Eyes by Wearing Sport Glasses

Not so way back when, it was rare for an sportsperson to wear sports glasses. The result was that many an sportsperson experienced a personal injury that was directly related to their sport. Things have changed because today it is just as rare to come across an sportsperson who takes to the field without wearing protective sport glasses. The fact remains that everyone related to sports — be it a parent, coach or the players themselves — has realized that it is important to protect the eyes with suitable and protective eye wear.

The use of sport glasses has resulted in considerable lowering of eye damage and at the same time it has also meant that athletes and sports persons who wear 축구중계 protective eye wear also get to see better. Even so, every year private hospitals are treating in excess of 40000 eye injuries that are directly related to activities. Anyone who performs on the sporting arena are at risk — even those who play sports that do not involve physical contact.

If you are playing an activity, , involving flying objects or golf balls and even racquets, then there is a potential risk that you can suffer an eye fixed injury. It therefore makes sense to protect your eyes by wearing sport glasses. If you are of the fact that prescription glasses and sunglasses as well as safety glasses can help protect your eyes when playing sports then you need to think hard. This is because sport glasses are made to protect you when you play a particular type of sport. These glasses are available in different sizes as well as shapes. Some are made for use on the basketball court while others are made for the sports field.

When choosing your sport glasses be sure to pick one that allows you to use it with a helmet, should the sport need you to use a helmet. Also, when choosing the contact lenses for your sport glasses be sure to pick contact lenses that are produced from polycarbonate because this material is impact resistant. Also, polycarbonate offers excellent protection to the eyes from objects that are moving at great rates of speed. Best of all, these contact lenses also offer integral UV protection.

However, before you choose polycarbonate contact lenses for your sport glasses, you should understand that if these contact lenses are not treated, chances are they tend to scratch very easily. So, it pays to use a scratch resistant coating on the contact lenses. Although polycarbonate contact lenses are the first choice among athletes, it is also important to look at the different frames because each kind of sporting activity requires a particular kind of frame. A massive majority of sport frames can take prescription as well as ordinary contact lenses. When choosing a sports frame be sure to go with one that is made from material that is tough durable and impact resistant. Typically, you should go with plastic frames or polycarbonate frames. Also, choose a frame that has plastic padding, which helps to protect the frame at the point where it comes in contact with the wearer’s nose or head.

Last but not least, when choosing sport glasses keep in mind the fact that certain sport glasses are made to wrap around the face. These kinds of sport glasses are perfect for riding and hang-gliding as well as going. They also suit people who wear contact lenses as they assist in keeping the wind and dust from impacting the eyes.