The benefits of Barbeque Catering

Backyard barbeques are simple enough to cater for on your own: it’s easy to prepare and cook food for a small group. However, if you’re holding a large function, the logistics of ordering, preparing, and cooking food for your guests become complex. Often, you’ll find yourself strapped to the barbeque or trapped in the kitchen for the entirety of the event, rather than out mingling with your guests and enjoying yourself. Imagine trying to cook sausages and steaks for forty people and upwards: it would take 到會 hours of preparing and cooking. Not only this, but self-catering is often more expensive than hiring a catering service to do the job for you.

A caterer will be able to give you a fantastic price per head for each of your guests according to the meals you order. In addition, you’ll have the luxury of being able to socialise with your guests and enjoy your own party. A catering service will take away the responsibility of ordering, preparing, and cooking meats and salads for your function: they’ll even take care of the washing up!

Forget the traditional ‘snags and steaks’ barbeque menu: talk to your caterer about introducing some fun, fresh flavours to the menu. Summertime is the perfect climate for seafood: think fresh, crisp salads and juicy, citrus-infused prawns. Alternatively, you could serve a range of kebabs: chicken marinated in Thai curry, or lamb marinated in red wine and studded with rosemary. Your caterer will have a range of unique and flavoursome dishes to tantalise your tastebuds.

If you’re interested in keeping your barbeque traditional, you can still serve simple sausages and steaks: talk to your caterer about sourcing good-quality, free range meats for your barbeque. Think pork sausages and thick, juicy Angus steaks. Top off a good old-fashioned barbeque with a range of delicious salads: Mediterranean vegetables, pumpkin and couscous, fresh Greek salad, or freshly-made coleslaw. Your caterer will have a whole range of salads for you to choose between.