The New Samsung UN55b8500 1080p LCD HDTV – Television Redefined

Once again Samsung raises the bar by creating a breakthrough that makes for a much more intense TV viewing experience. From sports to your favorite movies, the Samsung UN55B8500 takes TV watching to another level. Not only does the new Samsung model represent a leap in how you watch TV, but also on how you interact with the television.

Yes, First Impressions Count… And The UN55B8500 Delivers

What strikes you first, as you come face to face with the new Samsung model, is its sleek shape and look. Samsung has done a fantastic job of squeezing in incredible quality features into it’s razor-thin 1.6 inches deep frame supported by a very unique looking stand with an elegantly clear neck. It may be slim but this TV packs a 7,000,000 to 1 dynamic contrast ratio for a brighter, sharper and bolder look that doesn’t disappoint. The UN55B8500 television set uses LED local backlight dimming tech.

If you’re looking to put this television on a wall, then the people at Samsung have provided the optional Wall Mount that lets you hang it just like a picture frame. When mounted, this TV looks more like a delicate work of art, than your average hum-drum TV. I tend to like mine hanged, but it looks good on a stand also. 55au7700

The Action, Colors and Clarity

The images become very true to life because of the work Samsung has done in the Color, Contrast and Clarity department. Rich, deep blacks that were unavailable up until now on an LCD screen, pure whites and the 7 million to one contrast ratio works to make the picture breathtaking.

Because of the Advanced Color Processing capabilities of this TV, the Samsung UN55B8500 has a greater depth and vibrant color that captivates the viewers, even with the subdued color palette. On top of this, the Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology eliminates all motion blur. This results in a crisp, clear and smooth picture no matter how much fast action there is on the screen.

Wide Color Enhancer Pro and the Auto Motion Plus 240Hz

Samsung really paid attention to the way images are shown on the screen, and this resulted in very fluid and clear action. You can see the details, even when the action is really fast. The result is great depth of detail that other TVs don’t seem to have. Every pixel on the screen is taken and analyzed by the Wide Color Enhancer. Then it is stretched to it’s 3D limit. This creates full and lifelike colors on the screen. The picture really seems to pull you in with it’s realness.

The World Wide Web On The Samsung UN55B8500

Samsung makes it easy to surf the net right on your TV. The set has widgets with which you can add, delete and watch content. You can view it all on the roomy sidebar or across your wide screen. I have to admit that I did not get this feature at first until I started using it and saw the advantages. No longer did I have to go and do the old shuffle between the TV and computer when I wanted to look up some info I heard from the TV. Now I can do it all in one place.

Get On TV

It seems the people at Samsung really paid attention to the fact that most of us want to access our photos, music and videos on our TV. Now you can do exactly that on the UN55B8500. You have access to your DLNA or PC wirelessly. You can enjoy YOUR content on your TV. You can even link to multiple PC’s – as is the case for a full family where everybody has their own computer. You also don’t need to leave your content on your storage devices. The UN55B8500 comes with USB: 2.0 Multi-Media Center. The user friendly interface allows you access to videos, playlists and photos with your remote.

Using Your TV For Content

Here’s yet another feature. Again, I thought it was a silly feature at first, but I quickly changed my opinion when I actually put it to use.You can use your Samsung UN55B8500 to download and save content so you can view it later. This came in handy when I had to open my laptop and I posted the instructions on how to do it (which I found online) on the screen while I was doing it.


Samsung has done an outstanding job with the new UN55B8500 55-inch 1080p LED HDTV. It’s really hard to find faults with this TV. The picture is incredible. It’s also full of useful and well thought out options. If you’re looking for a big screen that really delivers, then the UN55B8500 is what you need.