Top Rated Deer Hunting Video Guide

An excellent way to learn and become motivated about deer hunting is to watch a well-made deer hunting video. Today, the market is loaded with some excellent presentations that are loaded with a wealth of information such as techniques and methods for scouting, setting up the stand, antler shedding, tracking a wounded animal, calling a deer and more. The great thing about a quality hunting video is that you have a firsthand view of a hunt in progress.

In addition, videos sold today are made for hunters of all skill level. Therefore, if you were a novice and need to learn virtually everything, you would choose a deer hunting video made just for beginners. On the other hand, if you have been hunting for years but want to learn some of the newer techniques or you have not been on a hunt in years and need a good refresher course, you would simply choose a hunting video for this level.

Remember, the following list offers only a few possibilities for the video selection available. If you want to find more, you could use any of the top search engines such as, or and type in keywords for the type of video you want and for the appropriate skill level.

• Beyond the Kill – The producers of this hunting video put heart and soul into its making to make sure people would finishing watching and feel as if they learned something of value. Within this video is valuable insight into hunting big bucks, specifically in the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. One of the things that make this particular deer hunting video so unique is that filming started in the springtime all the way through the end of summer on both private and public lands.

• 100% Wild Fair Chase – This deer hunting video is produced by Drury Outdoors, which is set up so you literally are taken from the beginning to the end. The tutorial is comprehensive, covering all types of valuable information for hunting whitetail deer.

• Mastering the Art – Guide to Calling Deer – For some hunters, one of the toughest things to learn is good calling. Obviously, being able to make a call that sounds enough like a real deer to call the animals in requires practice and skill. In this deer hunting video, you will gain information on methods so you can develop the perfect deer call. Best of all, the video was made not just for beginners but also seasoned hunters.

• PrimeTime Bucks 9 – This hunting video is another in a series, which features skilled hunters of Mitch Hagen, Rick White and Greg Miller as they end up with successful kills of bucks with a gross of 175 and greater. With four hours of scouting and hunting action from their viewpoint, you will be amazed the entire time, especially when they spot a buck with a gross of 185!

• Real Hunting’s Iowa Giants – If you live or travel to the state of Iowa to hunt, this deer hunting video would be perfect for your collection. Sold as a two-disk series, you have the benefit of watching 40 hunts captured in a four-hour presentation. Iowa is well known for its outstanding whitetail deer and this video is a prime example of what hunters will see when spending time in this state.

• The Grind – The last deer hunting video we wanted to mention is The Grind, which was developed for hunters who prefer to use a bow. This video takes viewers to Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland and Wisconsin, covering scouting, stand setup and various hunting techniques throughout the entire season on private and public land.