When Do You Need Plumbing Services?

Anyone who lives in a house with the most basic of modern amenities will one day need plumbing services of some kind. While you may be able to fix minor plumbing problems it is highly likely to be a much better and safer option to call your plumber. How will you know when to call a plumber? There are many problems that a plumber can deal with.


    • Blocked drains can sometimes be unclogged by the home handyman, but most are better left to the plumber. Drains can be blocked by hair piling up in the drain and is especially likely where there are people with really long hair. Shower drains are particularly susceptible. Blocked drains can also be caused by pouring fat down the sink. You may not think that it would clog up the drain, but remember that liquid fat soon solidifies and may even do so around chunks of food, causing a big blockage. It is far better to pour fat into a container and place it in the fridge until it sets, then throw it into the garbage bin. Drains can also be accidentally blocked if things such as disposable napkins are flushed.


    • Tree roots can also cause a problem with drains. Roots seek out water and it often lies in the channel made to hold drain pipes. They grow bigger and thicker and can even crush the pipe or enter through tiny cracks or holes and end up filling the pipe right up. The only possible solution is to call in the plumber to handle the problem. The roots not only Seattle Plumber have to be cut away, but treated so that they do not grow back.


    • Leakage in taps and toilets also causes a problem. It can cost a great deal to have this water dripping away in your home and actually going to waste. You still have to pay for it whether it is used or not. Additionally, if a tap is leaking the drips could be going down into the back of the cupboard and causing it to rot. Cisterns can often leak without you being aware of it and waste even more water than a dripping tap. Sometimes they flush with hot water which is also a big waste of energy for which you have to pay.


    • Water heaters eventually wear out and this can actually even flood your home, if it is an inside heater. Sometimes it is just the thermostat that wears out and you only realise it when your shower turns cold. Other times the pipes rust out and the whole thing collapses and has to be replaced.


  • Rusted pipes to the water system or anywhere else. No pipes last forever and they must be replaced if they are old or worn out. Otherwise you lose water and the water is contaminated by rust or by environmental pollution such as dust and dirt or plant pieces.


It is a comfort to know that you can easily access an expert when such disasters occur. Plumbers will even come out in the middle of the night if the call is urgent.